About Me

My Name is Doug, and friends call me Cooper.

I am a student of 1s and 0s; an alchemist of beard oils; the creator of graphics in print and digital application. "I am Tech Support" is my repository of current and past projects. I am not a professional artist, but a professional technologist by which I use my skills to aide co-workers, friends, family, and strangers alike. My life has been filled with titles conveying leadership and mentorship; but I still prefer to look at myself as just a student. The day I stop learning will be the day my breathing ceases. If you'd like to contact me please use the form below. But only contact me, if you have a project that you would like assistance on. Currently I am looking for more projects that would enable me to expand my portfolio for graphics and website design. As well I am also interested in electronics, computer repair, 3d printing, locksport, biohacking, and exploring the grinder "diy body modification through implantation" community.

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